Isfahan University of Technology Scientific Publications

yield comparison of different clover species under water stress in shahrekord

تدين , Jamshid Razmjoo ghalaie , رضايي
The 2nd international conference on integrated approches to sustain and improve plant production under Drought Stress , 2005/09/24


bahram sharifnabi , N Mitter , D. K Agarwal
Asian International Mycological Congress , 2001/09/17

wool fiber microdamage due to contact stresses in opening processes

Ali-Akbar Ghareh aghaji , Nigel Johnson , Xungai Wang
international Wool Textile Research Conference , 1995/07/05

wool fiber damage

Ali-Akbar Ghareh aghaji , Nigel Johnson , Xungai Wang
1st China International Wool Textile Conference , 1993/01/01

wear behavior of plasma nitrided low Cr-Mo sintered steels

منصورزاده , Fakhreddin Ashrafizadeh , اروند
International Conference on Powder Metallurgy for Automative Parts ( PM AUTO 2008 ) , p. - , 2008/04/06

we-am-A-C3 sensitive DNA nanosensor based on gold nanoparticle modified gold electrod for detection of cancer chronic lymphocytic leukemia using impedance spectroscopy

Ali asghar Ensafi , Taghi Khayamian , Masoumeh Taei , Hamid reza Rahmani
X International Conference on Nanostructured Materials ( NANO2010 ) , p. - , 2010/09/13


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